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The Serenbetz Family Foundation seeks to enrich the lives of children and young adults by supporting organizations that offer opportunities for education, personal growth and achievement.

Guiding Principles

The Serenbetz Family Foundation recognizes that the strength of our society depends on the resourcefulness and emotional health of its young people. Members of the Foundation’s board acknowledge that the supportive environments in which they were raised, with an emphasis on educational achievement, contributed greatly to their success. Thus, the Foundation’s primary goal is to support organizations that foster the growth of children, adolescents and young adults, regardless of circumstance, by helping them reach their full potential.  The Foundation’s investment in charitable organizations that encourage academic, spiritual, artistic, athletic and entrepreneurial achievement reflects our respect for education and personal development. 

Criteria for Support

When choosing organizations to support, the Foundation strives to meet three criteria:


  1. Each organization must have goals consistent with those of the Foundation.

  2. A Foundation board or committee member must be personally involved with and passionate about the organization. He/she must make time to volunteer or participate in organization programs.

  3. Charitable gifts should be substantial and meaningful, contributing a measurable portion of the organization’s annual or program budget. Each organization should provide details on the accomplishments of the young people they serve.


It is our intent to develop and maintain long term relationships with the organizations we support, and if expectations are met, to provide consistent support each year. 

Organizations We Support 
Annual Impact Report - Coming Soon
Board of Trustees

Paul H. Serenbetz

Warren L. Serenbetz Jr.

Cynthia L. Serenbetz

Stuart W. Serenbetz

Jean B. Serenbetz

Christin E. Weberman

Warren L. Serenbetz III

W. Tucker Serenbetz

G. Hunter Serenbetz

M. Skyler Serenbetz

Robert C. Serenbetz

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